“Chris Hill coordinated a mammoth project for us. Our transmitter was fried by power surge in December 2006, and we went on a fast track to find an install a new one. Chris led us by the hand through the process, which was much bigger than we had expected. We had a lot of choices to make, the electrical in the transmitter room had to be totally overhauled, timetables had to be set, and there were a lot of details that had to be worked out perfectly. On March 31 2007, Chris and his colleagues had the new transmitter in place and running flawlessly. Thanks Chris!”

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K-LIFE 89.3 FM Central Coast, CA

K-LIFE 89.5 FM Ventura County, CA

K-LIFE 89.9 FM Santa Barbara, CA

KLFF 890 AM Central Coast, CA

“Chris did a superb job getting the radio station on-line within our time and budget constraints. He carefully and purposefully engineered and orchestrated the implementation of a massive renewable energy project for KRQZ. Now, the station has greatly reduced operating expenses by harnessing wind and solar power with excellent efficiency. I recommend his services to anyone who desires a seasoned, professional engineer who can do the job right!”