CHTechServ Web Cam

The CHTechServ Web Cam generates a variety of information that is useful in many technical applications. The first stage of the Web Cam process involves the collection of raw data by the weather, voltage, and current sensors. These sensors collect the data every 2 seconds over a 4 week period and then store it for further analysis. This Raw data is then processed by the computer to provide average wind speed and direction, peak winds over 1 and 10 minutes and total kWH produced each day. An upgrade to the design will occur in the future which will integrate a wind turbine to the power system.

CHTechServ Web Cam Features
  • A fixed 12mm color camera watching the Lompoc Valley that provides an overview of the Valley and the skies to the North.
  • A 50mm color camera on a pan-tilt base that can be remote controlled to view rocket launches or other points of interest.
  • Video #3 is a blend of several cameras. The first shows a live internet scanner feed that can be heard on http://www. The 2nd camera observes the solar power charge controllers. Data from this display is recorded each day to determine the health of the off-grid power system.
  • A fixed 4mm color camera watching the tracking solar panel arrays. A computer driven video data printer is superimposed with the 4mm camera.